Build new ventures and business models that grow revenues.

  • Define the highest value areas to innovate in line with business priorities.

  • With the help of veteran entrepreneurs, use our Venture Sprint to explore needs, generate solutions, leverage existing resources, and develop or reconfigure business models to test with real customers - in as little as a day.

  • Turn the highest potential ideas into prototypes and iterate into viable businesses.

  • Continue to develop opportunities with a system that leverages your communities and our global community of entrepreneurs.


Some examples of what we offer ▾

A Venture Sprint provides fully customised entrepreneurial problem-solving for your organisation’s biggest innovation challenges. The sprint begins by clearly identifying the challenge and its parameters and selecting a blended team of your people and entrepreneurs with relevant sector, market, and functional expertise. Using our HBR-featured process, we facilitate a creative-yet-disciplined process, using proven techniques entrepreneurs use to spot and develop new opportunities. These include using existing resources and networks, live customer testing, business model reinvention, prototyping, and pitching. Sometimes a product is not enough: our process is particularly suited to developing compelling new business models. We set clear metrics and involve your wider organisation to ensure a robust co-creation that wins support – internally and externally.


Develop entrepreneurial leaders, mindsets, and culture with unique skills and strategies.

  • Build an entrepreneurial mindset and culture as you work alongside successful entrepreneurs.

  • All our custom programmes develop your leaders through highly interactive, challenging entrepreneurial experiences that provide a platform for reflection, commitment, tailored action plans, and coaching.

  • Learn how to ‘set the stage’ as a leader of innovation, rather than just an innovator.

  • Master other key leadership traits of an entrepreneurial corporate leader, including building and leveraging communities, authentic communication, and creating purpose and alignment.

  • We are experienced at designing highly bespoke programmes and curricula to develop outward-looking, agile, strategic leaders up to and including CEO level.

Some examples of what we offer ▾

Our Venture Challenge challenges teams of executives to work with entrepreneurs to ideate, validate, build, and test a relevant new venture with real customers – all in just one day. This provides an energising platform to bring entrepreneurial skills and mindset to life. It also provides a powerful context for exploring the behaviours associated with success and how leaders can create the setting in which they occur. Following the Venture Challenge, expertly-facilitated critical reflection and proprietary tools are used to extract the lessons and apply them to day-to-day challenges leaders face. The session ends with clear practical commitments. Optional ongoing support helps leaders embed these skills and behaviours in their teams. The Venture Challenge is fully customized to your business and leadership challenges.

Executive Externships enable individual executives to shadow an entrepreneur or senior leader in a high-growth company. These are supported with individual learning curricula, critical reflection, and coaching.

Entrepreneur Insight Circles offer regular opportunities to explore cutting-edge innovations in your areas of interest through discussions with the entrepreneurs who are making them happen. We have successfully run these with clients from London to Seoul and with entrepreneurs in-person and virtually across continents. Carefully designed Entrepreneur Advisory Boards can cater to ongoing needs and interests.


Build a more innovative, fast-moving, focused organisation.

  • Define and design an effective innovation strategy that's right for your company’s needs.

  • Develop your own 'engine' that fully supports, accelerates, and scales entrepreneurial results.

  • Make innovation real with measurable, accountable targets.

  • Develop the culture, skills, and processes you need to fit your particular focus and reinforce these through our Master Circles.


Some examples of what we offer ▾

Our expert-facilitated Master Circles offer ongoing peer support, challenge, and reinforcement for embedding entrepreneurial leadership, building new ventures, or undertaking organisational change. Master Circles can be entirely internal, where the focus is on collaboration across your organisation. Alternatively, they can include carefully-selected external members – including other high-performing executives and entrepreneurs – to provide a strong source of challenge and alternative perspectives, while building networks.

To ensure everyone is aligned around and benefits from high performance entrepreneurial skills and behaviours, we also have a number of cost-effective options to extend our programmes to other layers of management across the organisation.