Be more entrepreneurial

Work with the world's best entrepreneurs
to build innovative ventures, grow your people
and grow your company.

Build innovative ventures, products and services

Launch breakthrough ventures at speed with significantly lower cost and risk. Carefully matched entrepreneurs work alongside your executives to develop, build, test and prototype new business models and ventures in days. You’ll get real data and tailored support: from an entrepreneur advisory board to assistance in structuring your internal startups.

Build new revenue streams faster, cheaper

Work alongside entrepreneurs with expertise in your sector to develop new revenue streams or grow existing business. Our entrepreneurs are expert at leveraging your existing assets, partnerships, knowledge and capabilities to create new value. Saves you time and money.

Entrepreneur mentors to develop your entrepreneurial talent.

Develop the skills leading entrepreneurs and companies like Google use to succeed, while energising and inspiring your team. You’ll be mentored by leading entrepreneurs, learn by building a venture shoulder to shoulder with them, and follow a proven method carefully designed for the corporate context.

Be the disruptor, not the disrupted

Your competitors are already working with leading startups. Get insights you can act on by tapping into our global community of entrepreneurs and their networks . Discover new opportunities before your competitors do.

Why work with us?

Entrepreneurs, not management consultants

There’s a big difference between building a business, and building an Excel model. Everything we do is delivered by successful, active entrepreneurs. Our global community of over 3,000 entrepreneurs across 35 countries means we can tailor teams to bring a unique mix of sectoral, functional and geographical expertise.

Proven processes optimised for big organisations

Our HBR-featured venture development process draws on lean startup methodologies originated by Eric Ries and Stanford’s Steve Blank and used by Companies like GE, Qualcomm and Intuit. However, through research and extensive client practice, we’ve developed a process optimised for corporates that better reflects their unique challenges.

More building. More data. Less powerpoint.

Whether we’re working with you to develop disruptive new business models, or helping you sharpen your team’s entrepreneurial skills, you will be building something real. We firmly believe that building something together with proven entrepreneurs is the best way to learn and the best way to overcome resistance and get a venture out to market.

What are others saying?

"OneLeap's approach of bringing entrepreneurs into companies to help them innovate is unique, not just for the ideas they can bring but the way they work with the corporate team. It's an excellent idea executed rigorously and imaginatively by OneLeap."Adam Parr, Former CEO Williams F1

"As a great believer in unlocking entrepreneurship in large organisations, I've tremendously enjoyed working with OneLeap. They are superb. Their approach, and the quality of the teams they put together are both outstanding."Sahar Hashemi OBE, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Coffee Republic

"The OneLeap experience was highly energising and inspiring for Kuoni. Our executives not only learned, but applied, OneLeap's lean startup process to build innovative new ventures. By the end, our people "owned" the ventures and were pitching them to the country CEO. We had real products and data to present to our global board." Remo Masala, Global CMO, Kuoni Group

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