Credit Suisse

Helping a globally-listed B2B seller innovate by experimenting and getting closer to its customers.

Client · A globally-listed company with excess of $100B in revenues. They produce consumer products, but do not retail them, so almost all of their relationships are B2B.

Challenge · Our client wanted to innovate by developing new business models for selling its products. However, its distance from end-consumers meant senior executives were ill-equipped to lead this innovation. 

What we did · OneLeap designed and delivered a bespoke programme for country Managing Directors. This began with diagnostic interviews to better understand what knowledge and resources MDs already had available for consumer innovation. Next, we created a Venture Sprint using OneLeap’s HBR-featured process, in which MDs learnt how to create fast, lean consumer experiments by building and testing the basis of a new business in just one day working alongside our experts and entrepreneurs. Next, each MD identified an experiment relevant to their market, and we worked with them as they executed and developed these. The lessons, as well as the experiments themselves, were shared with the board. 

Results · Multiple examples of experiments were implemented, either as innovations or as new processes to accelerate innovation.

Excellent feedback from the client, who has extended the programme to new group of leaders.